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Logistics And Packaging

We are also strict about logistics. We have a systematic logistics system. We mainly use common transportation modes: international shipping, international express, international air transport.

Our logistics department is responsible for:


1. Responsible for handling customer's logistics needs, communicating with customers about distribution plans and cargo transportation arrangements.
Transportation arrangement.
2. Responsible for coordinating with the warehouse, transportation companies and other partners to ensure that the goods are delivered to the destination in a timely manner.
3. Supervise the loading and unloading of goods and transportation process to ensure that the goods are delivered in full and intact.
4.Responsible for the preparation and implementation of logistics plans and budgets to optimize transportation costs and efficiency.
5. Responsible for managing the logistics team, including recruiting, training and evaluating staff performance.

6. Responsible for handling logistics related documents and reports, such as transportation contracts and logistics reports.
7. Responsible for maintaining and updating logistics equipment and systems to ensure their proper operation and effectiveness.
8. Responsible for handling logistics problems and complaints, and providing timely solutions and services.
9. Responsible for developing and implementing logistics improvement projects to improve logistics quality and efficiency.
10. Responsible for complying with and enforcing the company's safety, environmental protection and legal and regulatory requirements to ensure logistics compliance and mobility.


Logistics process

Firstly, Receive the order
1. The road transportation supervisor receives (by fax) the transportation dispatch plan from the customer.
2. The road transportation dispatcher receives the bill of lading from the customer.
3. Verify the documents.

Second, registration
1. Transportation of goods in the registration form on the sub-delivery destination, sub-receiving customers marked with a pick-up number.
2. Driver (designated personnel and their vehicles) arrived at the transport scheduling center to take the bill of lading, and sign in the transport system.

Third, call arrangements
1. Fill in the number transportation plan.
2. Fill in the transportation on the way, delivered to the situation, tracking feedback form.
3. Computerized bill of lading.

Four, fleet exchange
1. According to the direction of delivery time, weight, volume, unified arrangements for vehicles sent to the customer's designated logistics transit center.
2. According to the transportation plan to the customer to determine the pick-up time.

Fifth, Pickup and shipment
1. Check the condition of the vehicle.
2. Arrive at the customer's pickup warehouse on time.
3. Go through the pickup procedures.
4. Pick up the goods, cover the carport, lock the box door.
5. Do the factory formalities.
6. Notify the receiving customer by phone of the pre-arrival time.

Sixth, in-transit tracking
1. Establishment of receiving customer files.
2. Timely feedback on the way information.
3. Contact with the receiving customer delivery status.
4. Fill in tracking records.
5. Contact the customer in time if there is any abnormal situation.

Seventh, the arrival of signing
1. Confirm the arrival time.
2. The driver will send the return receipt to the logistics department.
3. Sign for the transportation bill.
4. Regularly send the bill of return to the customer.
5. Feedback the local market residence to the customer in time.

Eighth, the return order
1. Arrive at the designated unloading place on time and accurately.
2. Goods handover.
3. 100% signing acceptance, to ensure that the quantity and quality of the transported products and the customer's outgoing single to.
4. Understand the delivery person to the customer product sales in the local market.


We guarantee timely feedback of logistics information and timely after-sales treatment in case of damage. Tracking to complete the entire logistics process, and we choose the international recognized freight forwarding company for our service guarantee, such as you have the requirements of the freight forwarding company we can also be in accordance with your requirements to arrange logistics. Our company hopes to cooperate with you happily.